Fried Rice For Baon

You may be wondering where the baon posts are, well the weekend came and went and so here's Monday's baon.

I'm not always enthusiastic about cooking especially when my disease kicks in. Other times I'm just simply lazy.

I was feeling a bit tired but I still wanted to eat lunch that I cooked instead of buying mediocre food outside the office so the best solution is - fried rice!

I just sauteed some garlic and onions, tossed some chopped up bologna I think, then added a little water and let it boil. When it was boiling I put the shrimp heads and mashed them up to get the essence. I removed the shells and heads then gave them to the babies, as usual. I then added the corn and carrots and let them cook for a while. I tossed the broccoli florets and the shrimps then added my light soy sauce-brown sugar-sesame oil mixture. I then tossed in the rice and mixed until all grains were coated.

I cooked this really fast because it was all going to the microwave the next day so maybe it was still a bit undercooked(?) I also packed some light soy sauce + sesame oil as dipping sauce for the shrimps. Was it good? We brought home empty Lock & Lock's.


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