Grocery List #1

This was supposed to have been up yesterday but I was having some problems with the HTML coding of blogspot. So anyway, I'm re-typing this for the nth time.

To simplify your life even more, I will be posting a weekly grocery list consisting of ingredient that I will be using for the week's meals and baons. I suggest that you learn to substitute and experiment with ingredients to fit your budget and taste. The ingredients I buy will not always be exact and sometimes there will be missing ingredients from the list which I will have to use later on during the week. I don't plan my meals. I just cook whatever I feel like eating. So how do I figure out my grocery list? I also get whatever feels right. = )

Without further ado, here's this week's grocery list with corresponding price:

0.328 kg Chicken breast fillet P55.76
6 pcs Chicken wings P56.84

(Please note that I do not buy nor cook pork. It's not a religion thing. It's a health thing. The only pork products I can tolerate are ham, bologna, salami and siomai. My meat list only includes chicken and beef)

2 fillets Tanigue P134.86
18 pcs White shrimp P146.16

1 head Cabbage P17.68
1 bunch Spring onions P8.56
1 bag Taiwan pechay P8.80
3 pcs Carrots P29
1 bunch Leeks P13.35
1 bag Parsley P8.30
1 bag Tomatoes P34.85
1 tray Young corn P11.50

1 can Corn Cream Style P25.55
1 can Button mushrooms P18.40
1 can Whole corn kernels P24.60
1 can Corned beef P44.95

1 tray Siomai P102
1 pack Kikiam P25.20

1 bag Grated niyog P20
1 tetra pack Fresh milk P24.05
1 sm bottle Hoisin sauce P55.15
half a loaf Whole wheat bread P34
1 pack Vietnamese egg noodles P36.30
2 packs Vermicelli P6.60 (each)
1 pack Whole wheat tortillas P81.50

Total 1,030.56

The above list will cover breakfast for 2 persons, baon for 2 persons and dinner for 2-3 persons. That is, if you eat like us. = ) This is goof for approximately 1 week.

My Kitchen/Pantry/Ref Essentials or What You Will Always Find in my House
basil, oregano, thyme, nutmeg, Spanish paprika, chilli, bottled garlic, black peppermill grind
sea salt, iodized salt & pepper
spring onions
chili-garlic sauce
soy sauce, vinegar, fish sauce (patis), bagoong, Maggi Magic Sarap, Maggi Savor (classic & calamansi), sukang Pinakurat from Iligan, light soy sauce, mirin, oyster sauce
cornstarch, flour, panko (Japanese breadcrumbs)
pasta varieties
catsup (tomato & banana), sweet & sour sauce, sweet chili sauce
sesame oil, extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil
cooking sake, dashi (new), kecap manis, mirin, oyster sauce
butter, cream cheese, orange juice, milk, ice tea, Mountain Dew (sometimes), cream, mustard, eggs, black olives
Cheddar cheese, Parmesan cheese (Kraft), quickmelt cheese
ham, salami or bologna
apples & oranges
white & brown sugar
rice (of course!)breading mix for days when I'm too tired to cook
Last but not the least... Chocolates!

Now that you know what I like, I think you'll have a pretty good idea of the dishes that I will serve in the future. What about you, what are your kitchen must-haves?

Addendum: I bought more chicken breast fillet, about the same amount yesterday as Migraine Boy loved the adobo flakes I cooked for lunch


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