Lady E Goes Southern Style

I got this recipe from Pinoy Cook. You can visit her site to know more but I'll still give you the simple steps of making this Southern dish.

I seasoned the chicken wings with salt and pepper then soaked them in milk for about 2 hours or so. I really can't say marinated, can I?

I then mixed 1 tablespoon flour with 1 tablespoon cornmeal then added some more salt and pepper. Dredge the chicken wings in the flour mix then fry. It's that simple!

I don't like eating fried dishes alone and so to get on with the corn theme, I decided to make some cream of corn soup. The problem was, I forgot to buy cream, thinking that I still had some left in the ref. So, with an empty hand and racing against time (dinner is coming soon), I decided to just use the canned corn - cream style, water and an egg.

Luckily, the corn was thick enough for soup but the end product was too thick for my taste. Not everything I cook is great and some don't turn out the way I hope them to be. Migraine Boy liked this soup though. I can tell because he finished his bowl of soup and I only ate half of mine. The flavor was good but I didn't like the texture plus the corn was too sweet. I haven't tasted corn that sweet. They must have added something to make it that sweet.

Will I make this soup again? Hmmm... Maybe but with a few adjustments and additions. Note on the Southern Chicken Wings, I didn't like the taste and texture of the meat inside. It was cooked but again, I'm used to boiling my chicken first before frying. I didn't boil the chicken this time, much to my disappointment. Migraine Boy had a good dinner though and that was enough for me to be satisfied with this meal.


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