Ginataang Gulay

When I was a kid, I didn't like eating anything with gata or coconut milk. My grandmother is from Bicol and when we went there when I was 10, I had no choice but to eat gata dishes. My grandma cooks a mean laing and other ginataan dishes like langka and veggies. She taught me how to cook gata dishes which fortunately, MB loves.

This is a ginataang dish that I didn't get from her. It's made up of squash, eggplants and kangkong. I also added some shrimps.

Saute some garlic, onions, ginger in a little oil. Add the kakang gata then let simmer for awhile. Add bagoong. It would be better if you had the real thing, bagoong made in Bicol. Then add the squash and the rest of the coconut milk. When the squash is almost done, add the eggplants and shrimps. You can also add the kangkong stalks if you want them to be a little tender then add the kangkong leaves.


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