Mock Arroz Caldo

So I had a very nice date with MB last Friday. As I said in my previous post, we had lunch at Max's. One of my orders was pancit canton which was a bad idea because it gave me a stomachache like crazy. I'm very sensitive to food and oil. If I get some bad food or re-used oil in, it normally requires me to curl up in bed because of the pain or a trip to the bathroom when I'm lucky.

Anyway, I didn't want anything heavy to eat for dinner and so I told MB that I would just cook some arroz for me and I'd cook something else for him. Being the sweetie that he is, he said arroz caldo is good enough for him as well. And so we had mock arroz caldo for dinner.

Traditional arroz caldo would normally require malagkit (glutinous) rice, kasubha and a whole other bunch of ingredients. But since this was an "emergency" I made it like this.

I sliced some chicken breast fillet, sauteed some garlic and ginger until they were fragrant then added the chicken pieces. I poured about 5 cups of water and let it boil. I dropped 1 chicken cube (cheating!) and some patis (fish sauce). I then mashed some rice and mixed them in. Don't be shocked. I was sick, cut me some slack. I usually let this simmer until the rice is soft enough but this time, I needed to eat ASAP and so I didn't add any more liquid and when I felt it was good enough to eat I placed some in a bowl and topped it with spring onions. It took a while for me to take the pictures and so the rice has absorbed most of the soup that's why you can't see the soup anymore in the picture. But there was still some leftover soup at the bottom. I think I was really sick that night because I couldn't even finish my bowl. What happened to the leftovers? Had it for breakfast come Monday morning. The cats loved it too.


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