Tomato & Sausage Soup

My ultimate comfort food is soup - plain, with noodles or pasta or with rice as in arroz caldo. It was a rainy evening and so I decided to have soup for dinner.

Melt butter in a pan then fry some sliced Hungarian sausages. Remove from pan. Saute some garlic and chopped tomatoes in the same pan. Pour some chicken broth or in my case, some water seasoned with Maggi Magic Sarap, light soy sauce and about 2 shakes of Maggi Savor. Add pasta shells. When the pasta shells are done, add the sausages and season with oregano and rosemary. I ran out of rosemary and so I used thyme. If it's still bland, sprinkle some salt. Sprinkle with Parmesan cheese before serving. I served this with slices of crusty bread.

My only peeve about this recipe was it was too spicy! It was my first time eating Hungarian sausage and I didn't know that it was spicy. I don't eat hotdogs because for some reason I can't digest them. So I'm quite ignorant with the types of sausages out there. Not knowing that the sausage was already spicy, I added some pepper to the soup. Man, was it spicy! MB loved it though. I'm going to make this soup again and use another type of sausage and remember to taste it first before adding pepper. = )


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