Dining at Tokyo Tokyo Metro

If you haven't seen (or heard) it yet, Japanese Fast Food Chain Tokyo Tokyo has set their standards higher with the new Tokyo Tokyo Metro. They still have their signature dishes plus a lot more.The decor is the first thing you will notice. Clean Japanese lines, mixing modern with traditional.
You can learn a few Japanese phrases while waiting for y0ur food.

Or you can read trivia about some Japanese food, like my favorite, ramen...

Now for the food. For starters, we were served some miso soup. This was better than the ones from the regular Tokyo Tokyo. This had more flavor and more tofu! I enjoyed this even though I couldn't taste the flavors that much because of my flu (no, it's not AH1N1). Even MB, who hates miso soup liked this one.

Next, the California Roll arrived. It used to be California Maki. This tasted better too and no worms! (side story: I once ordered California Maki at Tokyo Tokyo Glorietta and discovered a wriggling maggot under one of the makis)

...and the chic Metro Ice Tea. No Sumo size please!

MB's Chicken Tori Bento

Closer look. MB said the chicken was good. He also liked the kani and tamago sushi. I found the tamago sweet or maybe my taste buds were just crazy. I liked the Japanese salad but was too full to finish it. Plus that tomato wedge was scary! It's just too big! The rice serving was just right because if it had 2-3 tablespoons more, you wouldn't be able to appreciate what's in your bento.

My tempura bento

I had one large shrimp period. The batter was just too thick for me so I ended up removing the batter. Plus because of the thickness of the batter, some parts of it were still raw. I liked the dipping sauce too.

And dessert... I didn't like desserts at Tokyo Tokyo before but this definitely made me want to come back for more. Those are brownies shaped like biscotti with a cappuccino/mocha cream dip. The texture of the brownies was also like biscotti. Maybe it was biscotti?? Probably not. Too soft for a biscotti. I have no idea what the exact flavor was. I'll tell you when I get better. I just know it tasted great.
We paid P607 for the whole meal, much pricier than the regular Tokyo Tokyo but it was well worth it. The only thing I found annoying was the servers constant bowing and saying domo arigato. And when they bow, it's waist-length already! Everytime they bring food to your table, they would bow and say domo arigato. I'm used to the bowing customs as I've had Korean masters before but I think Tokyo Tokyo took it to the extreme. What I would suggest is, taking a step back after they place the food on the table and bowing the head a little. That's it. No more domo arigato everytime they bring water, straws, napkins, etc.

Will I come back? I'm actually planning on having lunch there again this weekend. I'm going to try the ramen next.

*This is not a paid advertisement by Tokyo Tokyo Metro. The above are the author's personal opinions.

Tokyo Tokyo Metro
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