Like Bibimbap

A few weeks ago, MB developed an addiction for bibimbap. That's what he would always order every time we went out. So I've decided to make a mock bibimbap. I say mock because one, I don't have hot pepper paste and two, I didn't have ground beef at the time I made this. I just made do with whatever leftover vegetables we had in the fridge.

To start, I cooked the sukiyaki cut beef in a separate pan. I then sauteed some onions in sesame oil. Added some bean sprouts and carrots to the pan and allowed this to cook. I then poured the sauce which is a mixture of light soy sauce, hoisin sauce and chili-garlic sauce. Top with leeks. Serve over hot rice with fried egg. I don't eat egg whites thus the photo.

Was it any good? Migraine Boy finished his overflowing bowl.


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