Tuna Pasta and Potato Salad Bento

Another leftover bento. It was almost the end of the week last week and I was running out of food in the fridge. Luckily, we still had some leftover homemade tomato sauce. I just asked MB to buy a small can of tuna at the reliable sari-sari store in our street and voila, tuna pasta!

On the upper left is potato and chicken salad. I think it's the most modest salad that I've made as it lacked ingredients. Just Miracle Whip, chicken, potatoes, salt and pepper. No pickles and other things that make the salad more sumptuous because we didn't have them! It still tasted okay though. MB finished the salad. The leftovers in the fridge, I gave to the babies. And of course, the ever reliable breadsticks from French Baker and Belcube cheese. Yum!


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