Ham and Slaw Sandwich

I'm very excited about this sandwich. Yeah, sure ham and slaw has been around for ages. But let me tell you what makes my sandwich special. I used walnut bread and toasted just right, gives the sandwich a special crunch. Not annoying, hurt-your-gums type of crunch. Just a light delightful crunch. The bread is from French Baker.

Inside is quite simple. I used Purefoods Ham Selections sweetened ham. I was looking for another type of ham but the choices in Landmark is pretty limited. I cooked the ham in an oven toaster to lessen oil usage. On top of of the ham is coleslaw from KFC. If you want to make coleslaw from scratch, I applaud you (and envy you). I'm trying to simplify my chores as I'm getting busier with Manila Thrift Style.

On top of the slaw is mild cheddar cheese. I forgot the brand but it's from Landmark too. I will post the brand here once I check it out (and hopefully remember). There are only very few cheeses that I like and this one I really like.

Side dishes are buttered French beans, tortillas and salsa. Serve with ice cold mango orange juice.

The taste? The sweet, salty, crunchy, meaty combination was fantastic! The beans and chips make this a complete and satisfying meal.


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