Chicken Yakitori

Another sick day, another lunch in bed. This was supposed to be our baon. It was all packed up and ready to go then I had an attack.

Normally, when you use soy sauce, you shouldn't let chicken sit in the mixture for more than 30 minutes as it will make the chicken tough. In this case, I soaked the chicken overnight. So what happened? The chicken wallowing in soy sauce overnight plus frying it until the sides were a bit burnt would naturally result to tough chicken. I really don't care because the end result was wonderful for me. I say for me because some people might prefer chicken that's soft and easy to chew.

To make chicken yakitori, marinate chicken fillets in 3T soy sauce, 3T mirin, 2T sake, 1T sugar and grated ginger overnight. You can marinate for 30 minutes but I don't know if the chicken will come out as flavorful. You can cut the chicken up into bite size pieces then skewer them. I didn't. I fried them in a little oil then gradually added the marinade that resulted in a thick sauce. And oh, I used 2 chicken breast fillets.

I used the yakitori and sauce as toppings on my rice. It was a good decision indeed! The sauce was so good that I could eat the sauce smothered rice alone. MB wasn't as lucky as he packed his baon and separated the chicken and sauce from the rice. He said he wasn't able to savor the dish as I did. And for sidings, I just finished up the leftover potatoes and mushrooms from the last post.

And yes, I was sick. And yes, I finished everything in the plate.


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