Just Having Fun

I thought I'd play around with the presentation of our very simple dinner the other night. I have this huge fish shaped plate accumulating dust and so I thought why not put all the food together (although not fish) in the plate. It saves space, time to prepare and looks playful.

I assembled the tasteless (without sauce) chicken nuggets, corn and assorted salad greens in this plate. I topped the greens with Parmesan cheese. On the separate saucers are barbecue sauce for the nuggets and Caesar dressing.

Creativity in the kitchen is not limited to cooking. I know almost everybody is still feeling the bulk of Ondoy's wrath so we make the best out of what we have. This was a Friday night dinner when food is already very scarce in the fridge. Inserting a little bit of creativity here and there makes us forget the past and look forward.


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