Lunch At Home - Sweet Chili Fish

As you can recall, I was sick again last week after the Shang event. This was what I had for lunch. It might seem like a big lunch for a sick person but that's how I am when I'm not feeling well. I try to eat as much as I can as my body responds well to food. I'd rather eat 7 meals a day than take 14 kinds of meds round the clock everyday.

On the plate above is some dinner rolls which I burned from reheating in the toaster, buttered corn and carrots which I made using fresh carrots and canned corn and some sweet chili fish. I used maya maya. It's very simple. I just seasoned the fish with salt and pepper then fried it and then poured some sweet chili sauce over it, turning to ensure that everything gets coated.
I also had some salad greens. I'm quite happy with just some greens and dressing. This is the sundried tomato dressing from S&R, Kraft brand. And I also had a glass of blueberry-grape juice. If you are wondering how a person suffering from an attack of polymyositis can cook all this, well I had them prepared the night before. All I did was reheat everything. Even the lettuce was already torn the night before. This was supposed to go into my lunch box last Wednesday but when I woke up, I couldn't move. You can save a lot of time if you plan your meals ahead and prepare them the night before. Just choose meals that still taste good after reheating in the microwave. Tomorrow we'll have chicken enchiladas in our lunch boxes. I wonder how that will taste like after I nuke it.


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