Aligue Shrimps

I've been cooking this dish for so long that I was surprised not to find it in the archives. This dish is ultra simple to make. You need shrimps (the big ones are the best), garlic (lots of it), spring onions, chili (bird's eye chili or green finger chilis), patis (fish sauce) and aligue (crab fat).

I remembered to check this dish on the archives after we ate the same thing at Max's Restaurant. This dish costs around 249 pesos there and it tasted exactly the same as the ones I make so I told MB that we're having this for baon so that I can finally take a picture and post it here. Max's serves this without the shells on and with some crostini on the side. I serve this with shells on as MB loves sucking on the heads like most of you do.

Finely chop the garlic. You want the garlic to blend into the aligue to counter the crab fat's effects. Garlic lowers blood pressure and aligue makes your cholesterol levels way off the charts. Saute the garlic in EVOO. When fragrant, add the shrimps then the chilis. When the shrimps are half cooked, add the aligue and mix to coat all the shrimps evenly. For 12 pieces of shrimps, you can use 1-2T of aligue. Season with patis and sprinkle with lots of spring onions. If you're omitting the chilis, you can season this with some freshly cracked black pepper. Serve with lots and lots of freshly cooked rice. Also great with mangga't bagoong and some ice cold water.


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