In Love with Gelatissimo

Sorry for the pic. This was taken using my very basic phone. Gelato is the Italian variant of ice cream as most of you already know. I will not delve into its history, content, how-to's, etc. We have Wikipedia for that. I was apprehensive about trying this as I am lactose intolerant. Surprisingly, I only had very little tummy aches. On my second try, I didn't have any pain at all. I think my system got used to it already(!). This flavor is chocolate truffle. On both occasions I ordered this because it's the only thing that I find delicious - in the sense that it's not too sweet, it has a bitter aftertaste and has chunks of chocolate. I love chunky ice cream whether it be nuts, brownies or chocolate chunks. I've tasted the Belgian chocolate flavor and it was also good but it didn't have any chunks of Belgian chocolate. I've also tasted the Nutella and Ferrero flavors which were too sweet for me. I had one teaspoonful and made a face at the attendant. It wasn't on purpose. It was a reflex action, kinda like when you taste vinegar but this time because of sugar.

MB had white chocolate. He said it was okay. I didn't taste that for fear that it will cause a revolution in my tummy. They have white chocolate with hazelnuts though which I would love to taste but I'm really scared to do so. They have free tasting so you can be sure to order the right flavor. If you're feeling adventurous or if you have a massive sweet tooth, you can try out their sundaes and different concoctions.You can even drown your gelato in a cup of coffee. That sounds really good, unfortunately I'm not a coffee drinker.

Their staff is nice and friendly and very accommodating. I overheard two women talking on the table beside us that the owner is from Cebu. He looks mestizo/Italian though which is quite common in that area. But I'm pretty sure he has foreign blood. He's very nice and invites everybody to come and have a taste of his marvelous gelati.

I also like the cute pink and green spoons. I even brought home the first two that we used. Maybe use it for some bento/food pics in the future. One cup costs P110. Add 5 pesos if you want that small bottle of St. James bottled water. I couldn't resist the packaging. It looked so sosyal! I even thought that it was imported. When I looked, it's made in Cebu. Why can't the other bottled water manufacturers be creative in their packaging like this one?? I also brought the bottle home and refuse to put it in the recycle bin. Teehee...

If you're a regular (like us) you can ask for their friends and lovers of gelati card. You get a free regular gelato or coffee on your 7th visit. The card is one stamp per day per visit. Even if you order 10 gelati, you only get one stamp. I was so disappointed when I found that out. The mechanics were not explained to us and it wasn't written in the card as well so we assumed that it was like Starbucks. One drink, one sticker or in this case, one gelato, one stamp.

The price is well worth it. My only problem with this is because it's gelato and not as solid as ice cream, it melts awfully fast. On our first try we decided to take a walk to Landmark but we only made it a few steps from the sliding doors and the gelato was quickly turning into chocolate shake so we went back inside the shop and ate there. Notice the napkins under the cup? We had to eat it that way as the gelato kept dripping on the table. So when you order, be sure to chill out in one of their comfy chairs and finish your cup of gelato before you go out.

Also, because of this, I find it hard to enjoy my gelato. When I eat Haagen-Dazs, I savor every spoonful and I eat slowly. Can't do that here. I have to eat fast otherwise, I'd be left with a slushy gelato which I hate. I hate melted ice cream. So I guess I should shut up now and let you go to Greenbelt 5 and experience the Italian goodness that is Gelatissimo.


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