Peanutty Mixed Vegetables with Chicken

*Photo taken using my phone

This is a simple, wonderful dish that utilizes leftovers. I think "leftovers" is becoming a constant in my dictionary. For the ingredients, you need one carrot, 1/8 head of a cabbage sliced into strips, garlic and onions, a few pieces of chicken and one pack Happy Peanuts - those 1-peso packs that you can get from your suking sari-sari store.

*Photo taken from JBC Food's site

We love Happy peanuts at home. My mom and grandma constantly munch on them after lunch while watching TV. MB and I love snacking on them after dinner while watching DVD's. We buy packs of the small ones. You might be wondering, why not just buy the big one? Well, the flavor differs. The small ones are more flavorful in our opinion. And crunchier.

Anyway, back to the recipe.

Fry the chicken pieces in oil. I usually wait until they get brown to be sure that they are cooked through. Then add chopped garlic and onions. Add the julienned carrots and sliced cabbage. Pour about a cup of water and turn heat to high. Season with soy sauce, pepper, honey and crushed Happy peanuts. You don't need a mortar and pestle to crush the peanuts. Just pound the peanuts with the knife handle while they're still inside the packet. Just be careful not to pound so hard as you might rupture the plastic and all your peanuts might "fly" in different directions. Been there, done that. You can also add them whole. I wanted some of the crushed peanuts to merge with the sauce to give it a smooth, robust taste that's why I crushed them. Serve hot with rice or in our case, as baon.

Can't tell you how excited I was to have lunch that day. And our baon didn't disappoint.


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