White Sandwiches

With the exception of the top of that one sandwich which I botched, these are all white sandwiches through and through. Cook some ground chicken in very little oil. The liquid will run out and will be replaced by oil. Discard most of the oil. Add some chopped garlic. Mix. Add some sliced fresh button mushrooms. If you don't have fresh ones, open a can. But fresh mushrooms really make a difference. Season with salt and pepper. Spread some cream cheese on a panini and add the ground chicken mixture. Heat in an oven toaster for about 2 minutes. You can also put lettuce and tomatoes but I forgot so they came out all white. Add the lettuce and tomatoes after heating. One is enough to fill me up. I wasn't able to finish the second one so I gave it to the cats.

MB wolfed these down in a flash. Or maybe because he was too excited to eat his ice cream. Hmmm...


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