Stuffed French Toast Bento

Wow! I'm running out of posts! I'm blogging in almost real time! This is what I had for lunch yesterday. And yes, I had French toast for lunch. (Eeeep!) MB had pinakbet for lunch. The guy needs to eat rice.

It's that time again when I'm sick of eating rice. We had stuffed French toasts for breakfast so I decided to make an extra to pack for lunch. To make, spread some cream cheese on a whole wheat bread and top with cooked ham. Place another bread on top to make a sandwich. Cut into half. Beat an egg and some milk together. Dip the sandwiches into this mixture and fry on a pan slathered with butter. This cooks fast so be alert. Drizzle with honey if you like. I did. Yum!

I packed this with some orange slices and some potato chips, garlic and cheese flavor. I had a nice lunch. Not too heavy, not too light. I also packed some Elle et Vire yogurt in mixed berries which I ate for merienda. Elle et Vire yogurt is on sale at the Landmark Supermarket Makati for only P33.50 each.


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