Chili Shrimps

Sorry for the blurry pic. My cam was already low batt when I took this shot. This recipe is just like my previous shrimp recipes with the exception of the addition of dried chili flakes and Worcestershire sauce. 

To make, clean shrimps and devein. In a pan, add some oil. When hot, add some chopped garlic. I use a lot for this kind of dish. Add the shrimps. Season with patis (fish sauce) and Maggi Savor Classic. Add a couple shakes of Worcestershire sauce (because I'm weird like that). I think I also added the juice of one calamansi (calamondin). You can try that too for a nice punch. Then sprinkle with some dried chili flakes. Turn off the heat. Be sure to cook this on high heat. Add the chili flakes only when the shrimp is almost done because the smoke will hurt your eyes and will make you cough like crazy.

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