Cheap Thrill of the Week: Goya Crispy Chocs Mint

Oooohhh... I could wax poetic about this stuff. I really love mint chocolate but it's very seldom that I find good mint chocolate from local brands. And dark chocolate at that! This is such a cheap thrill because it only costs P9.95! Sure, the bag isn't full but what the heck. That's what hoarding is for!

These are rice crispies covered in minty dark chocolate as the bag states. They look like cockroach eggs though:

Close up:

Just think of them as Raisinets but smaller. They're really good. I finished one bag in less than 5 minutes. I even got stingy with MB. I didn't want to share. Lol! The texture of the chocolate is just right. It doesn't melt in your hands (or maybe because I ate them too fast?). The mint doesn't taste like toothpaste like other local mint chocolates. The rice crispies are still crispy. One bag is bitin though because you will probably be eating by the handful. 

Repurchase? It's already on my weekly shopping list! You can find this at SM Makati's Snack Bar. 


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