Cheap Thrill of the Week: Kit Kat Dark

Kit Kat is a crazy brand. I love how their people are so creative in Japan, coming up with all sorts of cool and sometimes weird flavors - think Pepsi Kit Kat, mochi Kit Kat, sakura Kit Kat etc. I wish they'd come up with different flavors here too. They're too conservative here. Cuchinta Kit Kat anyone? Or Halo-Halo Kit Kat? 

I love Kit Kat and seeing a dark version of it at SM's Snack Bar made me snatch it up without blinking, or thinking then I immediately went to the counter to pay for it.

This Kit Kat is too sweet for a dark chocolate. Probably because of the wafer inside. There's a subtle hint of dark chocolate on the outside but the sweetness of the wafers is just too strong. There's nothing special about this bar. I'd recommend this for people who are scared of tasting dark chocolate because of its bitter taste. It's a nice introduction to dark chocolate. Who knows, you might start liking dark chocolate. And if you haven't heard about it yet, dark chocolate is good for you.

Dark Kit Kat is available at SM Snack Bar for only P41.75.


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