Salad For Dinner? Why Not!

I hate eating rice during summer that's why for the past 2 posts, I've only featured light dishes. Don't be deceived. This may look like just a bunch of veggies to you but it kept me full the whole night better than a cup of rice. 

I can't really say that this is healthy because of the abundance of croutons and Romano cheese. I had to. This is the only way to make MB eat a vegetable salad. Not to mention the Caesar dressing. 

To assemble, tear some red lettuce into bite size pieces. Add some grated carrots. I used 2 baby carrots. Then add about 2 tablespoons of black pitted olives. I think I added more. I just love olives! Then add croutons and sprinkle with some finely grated Romano cheese. Skip the last two parts if you're dieting. You can also use lighter dressings for this salad such as honey-mustard. Not the thick kind. Serve some Caesar dressing on the side. Better if you serve this with some fruit shake! Perfect summer dinner!


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