Saturday Breakfast Idea: Bangus Tocino, Scrambled Eggs and Calasiao Puto

This bangus tocino is from Century, the makers of the popular canned tuna. It costs 87 pesos and is good for about 3-4 servings, that is if you're serving it with something else. I just scrambled the eggs with some chopped tomatoes. I was trying hard to replicate the scrambled eggs which MB's mom made for breakfast on our last day in Iligan. The tomatoes there are awesome! They're juicy and they lend their color to the eggs which gives it a very appetizing look. Our tomatoes here are dry. Boohoo!

On the far side of the fish plate is Calasiao puto  from the province of Pangasinan. I used to call them putong pulo but after a quick Google search, I found out what they're really called. These rice cakes are my ultimate favorite. A good family friend of ours never forgets to bring home one bag for me, I mean us (hehe), whenever she goes home to Pangasinan. Our lawyer (who's like my 4th dad) also brings me these puto for pasalubong. I've been bugging him to spill his source but he wouldn't budge. The ones that he gives me are the real thing and he buys them here in Manila! Oh, gee...

And if this meal wasn't enough, we also had rice and some cold milk. That was a very filling breakfast indeed. 


  1. i miss puto calasiao and their kutchinta also!!

  2. I wish puto calasiao were available in malls...