Saturday Lunch Idea: Fried Asuhos and Salted Eggs Salad

I look forward to Saturdays as it's not only a no work day, it's also a time for good home cooked meals, long lazy breakfasts and bonding with MB and my cats. Not to mention the obligatory movie/series marathons.

But first, a shoutout to my friend, Ms. A for giving me this idea. Asuhos (whiting fish according to Tagalog Lang) is normally used for paksiw (a Filipino sour dish) but I don't like paksiw so I fried it instead. For the salad, I chopped some salted duck eggs, tomatoes and white onions. I served this with Sukang Pinakurat (lots of it!). This meal was so good that I think we had 5-6 cups of rice between MB and I. On top of that, I served this with some iced Sprite. Imagine this - crunchy perfectly fried asuhos plus the salty, sweet, sour taste of the salad and the spicy/sour taste of the vinegar all in perfect harmony with a few morsels of rice in one spoonful. Then you wash it all down with some ice cold Sprite. This is truly a perfect summer lunch that you can enjoy with your whole family. 

What's your perfect summer lunch?  


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