Rice Noodles with Shrimps and Vegetables

Do you remember the chicken and vegetable hot pot? How about the koala noodle soup that I made with the leftovers? If you think I'm done experimenting with that amazing batch of soup, think again. I kept some soup and used the leftover raw vegetables for this dry noodle dish.

I used the baby corn and chopped them up into smaller pieces. I also used the oyster mushrooms and the pechay. I didn't even add garlic and onions to this dish. I just reheated the soup, added the vegetables and seafood and then seasoned it with a little bit of Kikkoman then added the rice noodles. Wait for the noodles to cook. If the liquid dries up, add some water but taste to make sure that the dish won't go bland. Add some more Kikkoman or fish sauce or any seasoning of your choice if bland. 

This is great for a light summer dinner. How about you? How do you maximize the use of your ingredients? 


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