Tofu and Tempura Bento

This isn't your average tempura bento. This is quite healthier. NO meat in this bento.

So sorry for the inverted pic. Blogger does that sort of thing.

Anyway, this is eggplant tempura which MB and I absolutely loved! It's so easy to prepare too! Just cut up an eggplant(s) diagonally, dredge in flour then dip in beaten egg then roll in some panko and fry! That's it! You can have crunchy on the outside, firm on the inside tempura in just a few minutes. For the tentsuyu, you will need some dashi (I use dashi granules diluted in water), Kikkoman, mirin, sugar and grated ginger or ginger powder if you don't have fresh ginger. I usually take 1/4c dashi, 2T Kikkoman, 2T mirin, 2T sugar and lots of ginger. To be sure, taste as you go along. You might want to add more soy sauce or more sugar. It's really up to you.

For the tofu, just make a soy sauce + vinegar + sugar + chilis + onions sauce. Heat for a minute then pour on top of the tofu. 

The tentsuyu is in the small container. I wish I packed more rice into bento...

Moms, this is a trick that my officemate uses to feed the kids in his house veggies - make them into tempura! Pack the tempura in a bento, add some fruit and chopsticks and you can be sure that your kids will finish their baon.

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