Quick Melt Cheese and Chicken Hoagies

quickmelt cheese and chicken hoagiesQuick Melt Cheese and Chicken Hoagie

I am learning to balance my time to be able to do the things that I have to do and the things that I want to do. On days when I’m too lazy to cook, I turn to sandwiches. So you can guess that I was lazy one day last week that’s why I came up with this.

It’s quite easy to make. You will need some hoagies, EVOO, garlic, canned chopped tomatoes, S&P, crushed red pepper flakes, oregano, chicken fillets, butter, quick melt cheese and Romano or Parmesan cheese.

Heat the EVOO then add the chopped garlic. Add the cut up or shredded chicken fillets. Fry. Stir in the tomatoes and cook until heated through. Season with salt and pepper, oregano and pepper flakes.

Spread some butter on each hoagie half roll. Toast for about 2 minutes. Place some of the chicken and tomato mixture on one side. Sprinkle with grated quick melt cheese and Romano or Parmesan. Toast until the cheese melts.

Serve with your favorite drink and some chips. This is great for baon too!


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