Interesting Toppings

I get bored easily. I have to admit though that my grocery list contains about 80% the same things every week but as you can see, I’ve managed to make something new out of them, well, most of the time that is when I’m not lazy.

We were stuck with a bag of leftover Vietnamese noodles and I desperately wanted to use them already but I was lacking ingredients so I experimented with these:

boiled eggs, fish balls, tofu and bean sprout topping, by 240baonBoiled eggs, tofu and fish balls with bean sprouts
(ooops, wrong watermark!)

It was an interesting mix of textures. This would have been great had I made the noodles overflowing with sauce. My mistake. This type of noodles usually absorb all the sauce even before serving. Next time I’ll probably use a different type.

The noodles were dry but that didn’t stop us from enjoying the meal. I served soy sauce and calamansi and sweet chili sauce on the side. Very filling indeed.


  1. looks really yummy, and healthy too! can you please tell me all the ingredients?

  2. Hi Kitten! I can't remember the exact combination of sauces I used for this pancit but I usually just use broth, oyster sauce, soy sauce and pepper. Sometimes I also use mirin.