Great Grocery Find: Choco Orange Sticks

I miss cooking real food. I’ve been very busy lately and all I cook are quick, no-brainer dishes. I want to get creative in the kitchen again. Because of this, I scour the supermarkets for great finds to help me through tough days. One of those trips yielded this:

chocolate orange sticks, by 240baon

I have to apologize though, I can’t remember the brand of this chocolate.

choco orange sticks, by 240baon

I don’t have a sweet tooth but I appreciate a good after dinner dessert once in a while, especially when it’s light. The sticks are perfect for me as I can control how much I eat. The size and thickness are just right. This is pure chocolate, by the way. It doesn’t have a biscuit or something inside. Fruit and chocolate combinations are a real big hit with me that’s why I like these choco-orange sticks. If you don’t like fruits in your chocolate, I suggest you skip this product as you can really taste the orange flavor in each bite.

The sticks don’t melt right away but they do melt once you hold them (of course) but not enough to cover your hands in chocolate, haha! I love eating them cold. There are two trays in one box and this lasted a long time. A few sticks can satisfy your craving for sweets.

One box costs around Php96 and this is available at The Landmark Supermarket. It comes in plain and mint flavors too! I haven’t seen this for a while though so the other flavors must be good too.


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