Calling Mr. Jones

About a couple of weeks ago, MB and I had lunch at Mr. Jones in Greenbelt. As with every new restaurant that we try out, we order at least 3 dishes. We ordered Caesar’s BLT (Php375), Hot and Spicy Shrimp Scampi (Php295) and Honey Drizzled Fried Chicken and Homemade Biscuits (Php450). For drinks, I had Frozen Lemon Lime (Php125) and MB had the Frozen Tropical Fruit Punch (Php125).

I have no photos of the restaurant and the actual plating but I’ll show you something later.

The place is quite small. I think they encourage outside dining here as that area is bigger. Really weird for a diner. It was a hot day and there were no more seats inside. I told the hostess that we would like to transfer inside once a table becomes available. Inside, they seated us into this tiny space on the far left with one tiny table. Obviously they were trying to maximize the space but sacrificing the comfort of the customers. There was another couple sitting beside us so it felt really cramped. When we eat out, I always choose the couch or two tables as we tend to order a lot. It didn’t help that Mr. Jones has big servings and even bigger plates. Our table was cramped. I was sitting on the couch and MB in front on a chair.

The food is something I expected as Mr. Jones is a part of the Chelsea, Momo, etc. family. They taste all the same to me. I don’t know if that’s a good or bad thing. MB and I both agreed that the Caesar’s BLT was the best. It was a huge serving with lots of lettuce, chicken, 2 slices of very salty bacon (which we didn’t like) and  a stick of bread. It was really sulit  at Php375. It was very filling.

Next came the shrimp scampi which was forgettable as it was very, very, very salty. I like salty food but this was too much. It wasn’t sulit  at all as they used tiny shrimps. It had a generous serving of black olives though.

The  Honey Drizzled Fried Chicken and Homemade Biscuits was very nakakaumay. It’s okay. Not spectacular but okay. I was expecting to taste a hint of honey but it too was salty. What is up with their chef anyway?? The biscuits were okay although, and forgive me for saying this, I find the instant biscuits that I make more delicious. I thought the cranberry (?) jam would help but it didn’t improve the taste. The vegetables were nicely done. I also liked the mashed potatoes but after the salad and the salty shrimps, our taste buds were already complaining. So we had the leftovers for take away.

chicken and biscuits, chicken caesar salad and shrimps with olives from Mr. Jones, by 240baon

I thought that they would at least pack the food properly but just look at what they did! Everything was a mishmash. The mashed potatoes had jam inside (I don’t know how it got into the center of the potatoes) and the biscuit was smashed by the huge chicken. The bread was soaked in the scampi oil. The only thing that looked okay was the salad because it only had a few pieces of lettuce, tomatoes and one slice of bacon left. Sheesh.. Max packs better take away food! Even McDonald’s does a better job for crying out loud!
On the other hand, the frozen drinks were delicious! I really liked the lemon lime and MB said his was great too.

We would go back to Mr. Jones if only for the salad and the frozen teas. Aside from that, I already have a pretty good idea of how their food tastes like.

The prices and food names were taken from Munch Punch. Mr. Jones also charges local tax and service charge of around 8-10%.


  1. That's why BF says, just because it's expensive doesn't mean it's always good, well the prices are relatively not that expensive but you expect good food from restaurants.

  2. I agree. Max's gambas tastes better! And not to boast or anything, I told MB that I make better scampi than Mr. Jones. He agrees...and not just because he's my boyfriend. When MB doesn't like something, even if it's my cooking, he stops eating it. He stopped eating the scampi and didn't bother much with the chicken either.

    I had high expectations because Mr. Jones is a part of the Chelsea group of restos.