A Few Things That I Like

Here are shots of some of my experiments that turned out really well:

beef and onions with sauce, by 240baon

This is a beef dish with onions and sauce. I really can’t remember what type of sauce I made but I think one of the ingredients is Balsamic Vinegar. If you haven’t tried balsamic vinegar with your adobo yet, you are missing a lot! I also like pairing beef with potatoes. I think these are home fries. Yeah, home fries for dinner!

ground beef with veggies and mashed potatoes, by 240baon

Here is another dish borne out of leftovers. It’s like a Shepherd’s Pie simplified. It’s a mixture of buttered corn and carrots, beef with spices and mashed potatoes.

nachos with cream cheese dressing, by 240baon

Nachos! I love experimenting with different kinds of ingredients for nachos. Here, I used a mixture of cream and cream cheese for the sauce. It was love, I tell you.

cherry sprite, by 240baon

Lastly, Cherry Sprite. No, not the canned one. I literally put 2 maraschino cherries in my sprite. Well, I photographed only one because it looks weird with 2 cherries in there with all that ice. I just love the taste.

So tell me, dear readers, what have you been up to lately?


  1. Waaaa, cherry coke, I missed that. Wonder why they stopped making it?

  2. They have cherry coke at SnR...ssshhhhh...

  3. What they do??? waaaaa, thanks Lady E! (happy) hmmm, is it a secret? XD

  4. Haha!It's only for you coz you're special! = )