Dinner Set: Black and White

This isn’t really a Japanese dinner so let’s just call it black and white although the set that I used is Japanese.

japanese setting, by bitsandtreats

Aside from shopping for personal stuff, I also love shopping for home décor and kitchen stuff. I’m slowly building my dinnerware but I only buy in 2’s. This is my latest favorite set.

The roasted chicken is from Rustan’s supermarket. I just cooked some buttered herbed potatoes as a side. I don’t like serving all takeouts or leftovers that’s why I try to add simple side dishes to make it more personalized.

japanese setting 2, by bitsandtreats
Photos are dark because my ‘light box’ (MB’s laptop) was turned off

The placemat is from Japan Home Center (Php88) and the plate, etc. is from SM and Landmark. I think the brand is Melaware. They’re very affordable. You just have to be able to mix and match from their different collections as some designs can be baduy. Hehe.

The three pieces cost a little over Php100. I’m excited to build more sets!


  1. LadyE, pagdumami na pera ko, i will produce you a cooking segment on TV. :)

  2. ahahaha! nahiya naman ako dun! what should we call it? nga pala, you need to read the comments on kitten's post about my gifts. pinagchismisan ka na namin! hahaha!

  3. oh yeah, i knew it. that cat-designed purse was so cute. cutie cat. i replied to the post by the way. we just need to find our common time gap. :)

    program ID? how about: Practical Home Cooking with LadyE? Degustation with LadyE? Easy Recipe with LadyE? :)

  4. Naks ang generous ni john, hehe. But yeah, fil version of Rachel ray but much waaay different.

    The dinner was simple yes, but the way you presented it was really something. I guess it's what makes it special. Nice touch E! Love anything japanese inspired.

  5. tapos at the end of the show, kayong dalawa ni kitten ang mag taste. sira ang diet ni kitten!

    thanks!I like anything Japanese inspired too! cafemobility, padala mo na lang kami ni kitten sa Japan - all expense paid trip with shopping money kesa cooking show!

  6. @Lady E: Diet kuno! hahaha. hayz.

    APIR! Nice suggestion E! woot!

  7. @LadyE: program ID natin? how about "degustation tv" or "easy recipe with ladyE".

    gallivanting to japan instead of putting up a tv show? hahahaha. walang ROI. hahaha. :)

  8. @cafemobility: meron! we'll just bring you pasalubong and I'll cook for you every single day for a whole month!

  9. 2 VS 1 makes us the majority winner! JAPAN! all the gadgets, kawaii stuff and whatnots, hehehe..

  10. pwede GAPAN nalang? Nueva Ecija? :)

    pero pwede na rin Japan, basta pasalubong mo sa akin isang franchise ng famous restaurant dun. hehehe. ;)