Saturday, November 27, 2010

What’s a good combo?

Tomato and Parmesan and Ham topped with sticky cheese! That’s a good combo. My evidence:

tomato, parmesan and ham pasta with australian colby, by 240baon

This is what we had for lunch the same day we had the apple and cheese tortillas for breakfast. You can definitely tell how in love I am with that cheese.

I made this pasta very simple because I want the cheese and pasta to complement each other.

Saute some finely chopped garlic and onions. Add sliced mushrooms and chopped ham. Cook for about 2 minutes. Add sauce. I used Del Monte’s Herb and Parmesan (?) or was it Tomato and Parmesan (?) sauce. Sorry, my brain is in Japan today, petting cats at the Cat Café. Anyway, season with salt and pepper if needed. I always put a little sea salt and some liquid from the boiling pasta. 

Mix the pasta into the sauce and transfer to a serving dish. I purposely topped this with blocks of cheese rather than grated cheese because we want big pieces of cheese on our plates. Plus watching the cheese slowly melt on top of the pasta then mixing it was fun!

Was it any good? We finished the whole thing. And had this again for dinner.


  1. what else could be mouthwatering that something that is touched by hands of LadyE.

  2. Dapat may like option ka dito E! XD

  3. actually, that is just my unemphatic way of asking for it, hahahah.

  4. with this, gusto ko tuloy magHouse of Lasagna.

  5. Saan na naman ung House of Lasagna??? Ang dami mong alam!

  6. @Kitten: buti pinaalala mo! I had that function before. I'll ask MB.

  7. Sugar!! Where have you been! I miss you na!

  8. @LadyE: House of Lasagna is at San Juan, near SereniTea.



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