Friday, December 31, 2010

This is how we do it

After the success of our Christmas lunch, I was inspired to continue to serve meals that way. So now, this is how we eat everyday:

breakfast spread - franks, ham and bread, by 240baon

I bought a new table cloth and some placemats. The other plates are a mishmash because I really only have 2 of each kind as I only did this for MB and I before. But I’m slowly building my collection so it will improve soon.

breakfast - swiss miss, eggs, german franks and ham, by 240baon

Ignore the eggs. Everyone in my family (including MB, excluding me) likes very well done eggs that’s why I did that. There are some German franks and ham slices as well.

breakfast - apples and grapes, bread with cheese, by 240baon

I always include fruits. The selection of fruits also varies every single day. These are Washington apples and grapes. The wheat bread has some Australian Colby in the center then I stuck them in the toaster. (We’re now using our McDo glasses!)

And to end this post, here’s my crazy sister’s equally crazy plate:

my sister's crazy plate, by 240baon
She insisted that I take a photo of her plate.

I’ll be showing more of our table spreads in the coming days. I am really very inspired to do this each meal time. Of course, I do all the cooking and prepping and more often than not, organizing the table.  I’m still adjusting. I was used to cooking for two, now I cook for 4-5 (my cousin decided to be a permanent fixture on our dining table during meal times). But it’s really fun! I sit at the head of the table because that’s the closest to the kitchen and I play the hostess almost every time, refilling the carafes, getting extra rice, getting dessert, etc. I think this is really pushing me to the direction of owning a cafĂ©/cafeteria of my own. We’ll see.

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