Adobo Connection

On the last day of December, MB and I had to check on some things at the store but before that, we had to eat lunch so we went to the nearest place with grub, which is SM Food Court and discovered this:

Adobo Connection

As the name suggests, the specialty is adobo. But, they also had other offerings. I wanted to eat some vegetables that day so I settled with Beef Kare-Kare:


Yes, that’s how they served the rice

MB, on the other hand, tried Kuya’s Special Adobo:


The plate doesn’t look appetizing at all. It lacked color. They should just have separated the adobo from the rice. MB was annoyed with the small serving. Another thing he was annoyed with was this:


There was so much oil in the adobo. MB doesn’t like oily food. You might enjoy this if you like oily adobo. We don’t.

For the kare-kare, it was okay for Php109 (same price as the adobo). It’s not great but it’s edible and it’s okay. It also didn’t give me tummy aches as other kare-kares do. The sitaw (long beans) was hard. I only tried one because sitaw makes my knees hurt. The eggplant was not overcooked and the beef was tender. My only problem was the rice. The serving was very small and it was too soft. It was like eating congee. I hate rice that has the texture and consistency of congee! I can’t stand it. Imagine MB’s rice being this soft and soaked in all that oiI. I even mentioned to MB that we should have just bought rice from Tokyo Tokyo. Oh, and the bagoong was swimming in oil as well.

I tried a little of MB’s adobo and found that it was okay too. Nothing special there. MB didn’t like it. I told him it might be because of the oil. I said that it would taste good without all that oil

The meal came with good sized drinks


I have mixed feelings about this meal. I would probably just buy the kare-kare next time and get the rice from somewhere else. Another thing that really pissed us off were the staff.

We were saying our orders to the girl on the counter when suddenly, everyone from the kitchen burst out of the door following a girl holding a camera. The girl positioned herself to take a photo of the group. She even called the staff that was taking our orders and you know what the girl taking our order did? She looked at us and said, “wait lang po ha? magpicture lang kami” with her hand outstretched doing the stop gesture. She interrupted me while I was saying my order.  I was shocked! MB and I looked at each other with a mix of anger and disgust. You are in the business of customer service, how dare you make your PAYING customer wait so that you can have your picture taken? It was a very slow day judging by the first photo and it was already 3 in the afternoon so there was no lunch crowd. Aside from that, we were the only customers at the counter. It was December 31, a very slow day, wouldn’t you be grateful for every customer that come your way? Why couldn’t they just wait for us to finish our orders, pay and then leave the counter to take their picture? They still had to prepare our food so taking the order and our payment wouldn’t take so long. We are in customer service as well and when a customer suddenly drops by while we are eating, we immediately stop and assist the customer, paying or not. We assist them no matter how long they take. So we were really shocked with what the staff of Adobo Connection did to us. I hope someone from their management reads about this so that they can train their staff better.

Anyway, back to lighter topics. Because MB was so dissatisfied with his order, he bought some taho for dessert:


He was asking if they had ube taho. Go figure. He’s had an ube craving for a month now.


I had a White Hat yogurt with dark chocolate chips and Almond Clusters. Of course MB “shared” this cup with me.



  1. Apparently. Type ni Celine and sister ko. Sabi ni MB lasang taho. LOLZ

  2. Hi, thank you so much for giving our new outlet a try. It's still in its first month so we appreciate the feedback. We've also taken note of your comments and have taken some corrective action.

    The manager and staff have been reprimanded and one of those involved has been let go.

    On the Adobo -- we're still refining the recipes and this will take a bit more time. In the meantime, should you want to give us another chance, please remind us to go easy on the oil when you order and we will do our utmost best to cater to your request.

    Again, thank you very much and our sincerest apologies that your first experience was less than perfect. Rest assured that we constantly try to improve.

    More power to you and your blog!

    Warmest regards,

  3. Hi Jerome!

    Thank you for your prompt action regarding the incident.

    I personally like your beef kare-kare and perhaps I will try the other versions of adobo next time. And yes, I will ask for a less oily version, thank you for suggesting that.

    More power to Adobo Connection too!