A Nutritious Meal

squash, eggplant and malunggay gisa, 240baon

MB and I love vegetables and they are staples in our diet. I can eat vegetables that are steamed, boiled or cooked in butter. MB needs to be fed a somewhat Filipino style vegetable dish for him to consider it a viand. I was getting tired of pinakbet (MB’s favorite) so I cooked this instead. It’s a simple gisa of squash, eggplants and malunggay.

It’s very delicious. The vegetables were so fresh that the squash was so sweet. This lasted for around 2 days.

MB has just started working for another company and there are no affordable/healthy food stations/restos around so I am making him packed lunches again. The title of this blog is 240 baons because baon means packed food and I started this blog to document my packed lunches. Eventually it evolved into featuring restaurant reviews and food reviews and everything else in between. So I guess now I will be returning to my roots and will be featuring baon-friendly meals again. This dish is also great for baons. Just a quick reheat in the microwave and you have a delicious and nutritious lunch.


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