Friday, November 30, 2012

J.Co Donuts, At Last! donuts, 240baon

Even though J.Co has been open for a few months now, the lines are still crazy in their Greenbelt branch. It was only a few Saturdays ago that MB decided to brave the lines and get several boxes of donuts to be sent to the province. One of the relatives was in town so we decided to give him 2 boxes to take home as pasalubong.

When I say crazy lines, I mean a 1 1/2 hour wait. I told MB that I should have gone and watched Breaking Dawn 2 and I will just be in time to meet him at the finish line when the movie finishes. The wait was that long. I even took a nap inside the café as I was already hungry making my sugar low, making me sleepy and dizzy.

Is it worth the wait? Yes and no. First of all, this is my favorite among the 3 waves of donut brands that hit Manila, the first two being Go Nuts Donuts and Krispy Kreme. Go Nuts is a notch higher than Dunkin in my opinion. Krispy Kreme is better but it tastes too much of yeast to me. Plus the fact that it’s too sweet. J.Co donuts, however, are not too sweet and the dough does not taste like yeast. I love that donut with the cherry topping. Sorry, I lost the donut brochure where all the flavors are identified. The marbled donut has peanut butter inside. The one on the left has rice crispies. I loved all the chocolate donuts and the green tea flavored one. Surprisingly, MB loved the green tea donut too. If I remember it correctly, a dozen donuts cost Php350. One piece is Php42. If you are going there, I suggest that you buy at least a dozen. That way, you get to taste all the flavors and the waiting time will be worth it.

It’s still just a donut so no, we will not line up for at least an hour to buy a box again. We can wait until the crowds thin out to get another box. Donuts are not exactly healthy so it’s a good snack every once in a blue moon. What’s your experience with J.Co donuts?

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  1. Love the alcapone (almonds), don mochino (coffee) and choconutzzy (peanut butter) donuts :D cheaper to buy 2 dozens, hahaha!



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