Saturday, December 8, 2012

Healthy Snacks

If you are on a diet or you just want to have enough energy to tackle your day, you should not skip on snacking. Here are my recently discovered healthy snacks.

hummus chips, 240baon

Not all chips are created equal. The key is moderation and reading the label. These are hummus chips flavored with sea salt. Hummus is made from chickpeas. I love hummus! Whenever we eat at Persian grills, I always order hummus and an extra serving of pita. I eat them all. MB does not like hummus. Anyway, I saw this bag at Rustan’s Supermarket and I got excited.

The chips look like shells. They are very crunchy and taste really good. I don’t think they taste like hummus at all but they do taste like chickpeas. It’s not too salty and does not have artificial flavorings, msg, etc. The chips are also baked, if I’m not mistaken. Now, if you are used to salty, cheesy snacks, you might want to skip this. Like Hummus, this takes a lot of getting used to.

I had this for my morning snack with this juice:

apple and eve organic grape juice, 240baon

This is from Healthy Options. I think one small tetra brick costs Php59. My favorite juice is grape and this one tastes sooooo good! I just bought a bottle of Welch’s but when I finish that, I’m coming back for more of this juice.

Again, with these kinds of snacks, moderation is key. I ate about a handful of chips and finished the juice and that lasted me until lunch. I wake up early, have breakfast early and start working early so by the time the clock ticks 9, I'm hungry already. If you’re like me, snacking is your best friend to last you the day.

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