Monday, December 17, 2012

I died and went to roasted potato heaven

homemade burgers, buttered asparagus and roasted potatoes with turmeric, 240baon

MB had their Christmas party last week and so I found myself having dinner alone. I whipped up something that I know MB would not eat without rice and this was the result.

These are homemade burger patties. I didn’t fuss with the ingredients – just a few spices and an egg but I was really surprised that it was flavorful. I slathered some sour cream on the patty and it was good to go. I also cooked some asparagus in butter, nothing fancy there too. The real treat were these roasted potatoes. This is a recipe from Chef Gordon Ramsay and I have to say that the 40-minute oven time was well worth it! It was so delicious! I roasted 3 normal-sized potatoes and I finished them all! It was sooo good that I ignored the other burger patty. I am definitely making this again! I’m not sure if I can put this on the Christmas table as not everyone in my family is a huge fan of turmeric, just me and MB but I think my sister and grandma would enjoy this. Anyway, if they don’t eat it, more for me!

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