Tuesday, January 29, 2013


koala, 240baon

I’m a sucker for cute packaging. If you read my beauty blog, you’d know how much I love cute packaging. I found this Koala tin can at Landmark grocery when I was doing some shopping.

Here’s what’s inside:

koala biscuits, 240baon

I thought that it contained individually-wrapped biscuits and that the tin was full to the brim. I was a bit disappointed when I saw the contents. This costs Php160 and is made by Lotte. Anyway, at least I like the biscuits. I haven’t tasted the strawberry filled biscuits yet but I’m familiar with the chocolate ones. I showed this to MB and he immediately went for the chocolate box.

The keychain is made of plastic. It has some sort of bell inside. There is a different keychain in each box. I primarily bought this for the tin can but I’m still not sure what to put in it. LOL. I will probably just save it for later. I wish I saw this last Christmas. It would have made a nice gift.

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