Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New Year’s Dinner

Here’s what we had for dinner on the first day of the new year.

pancit, 240baon

My sister cooked pancit which is a staple on the New Year’s table.

crabs, 240baon

I cooked crabs with garlic, chilies, leeks and some other good stuff.

goldilocks lumpiang shanghai, 240baon

My sister didn’t bother making lumpiang shanghai. She just bought from Goldilocks.

lemon shrimps, 240baon

I also cooked lemon shrimps. It had lemon, butter, chilies, leeks, etc.

sweet and swour meatballs, 240baon

Grandma cooked some sweet and sour meatballs. For dessert, they had ice cream, leche flan and ube. I have no idea why everyone was so hungry last night. My cousin C likes crabs and shrimps and we were sitting together. To my right was MB and this was our crab wreckage:

crab shells, 240baon

The others didn’t bother too much with the crabs because they didn’t want to crack the shell open and use their hands, etc. etc. Crabs are really fussy to eat but they did enjoy the shrimps. I bought a kilo and it was wiped out.

I had fun last night. It was a simple dinner and it lasted longer than our Christmas dinner just because everyone was relaxed last night. Last Christmas, MB had to work after dinner and my sister and mom had to do something so it was a short dinner.

Today, I’m back in the real world, ready to face the day’s work.

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