Monday, January 28, 2013


turonitos, 240baon

Turon is a well-loved Filipino merienda. It’s composed of bananas, sometimes with langka (jackfruit) inside and wrapped in an egg roll wrapper. Some sprinkle sugar on the bananas. Some sprinkle sugar on the wrapper itself. It is then fried into golden perfection.

I don’t like bananas. The only time I eat them is when they become crunchy chips already or when they are fried as in arroz ala cubana or when they are transformed into delicious turon. I never eat fresh bananas but MB just absolutely loves them so he gets a regular supply from my grandma. Yeah, my grandma likes to spoil him.

In my last post, I talked about easy dishes. This is one example of an easy dish. How so? This is pre-made! I got a box of frozen Turonitos (I’m not sure if the brand was double ‘R’) at Landmark when I went grocery shopping. I was intrigued. I thought it can’t be that bad. After all, how can you mess up turon? The instructions to cook were fairly simple – no need to thaw just fry and serve.

Oh my, for a little bit under 100 pesos, my turon craving was satisfied. I fried 6 pieces while waiting for the misua to cook. I initially cooked 3 and tasted one when it cooled down. I wanted to taste it first before frying more as MB might not like it and I will end up with several uneaten pieces. It tasted good and I asked MB to taste it as well. He said to cook more and so I did. My husband hovers in the kitchen when I cook and helps out with simple food cutting and stirring that’s why it’s easy for me to get his approval whenever I cook something.

Well, this stuff is great. If you like turon but don’t like the hassle of cooking it, buy a box. They use golden saba bananas. The sweetness is just right for me but if you are craving for that sweet sticky wrapper, just sprinkle some sugar and fry to caramelize it and you’re all set.

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