Monday, February 25, 2013

My Shrimp Creole

shrimp creole, 240baon

I was watching the Food Network one day and saw some shrimp creole which made me drool so I decided to cook some for dinner. I cheated on this one as the original shrimp creole needed at least 3 hours to cook. I think I cooked this in 30-45 minutes. I also added some diced potatoes which should not be in the recipe. I just love potatoes in tomato sauce. I couldn’t resist.

I used garlic, onions, canned tomatoes, celery, parsley, tomato paste, potatoes, bell peppers, cayenne pepper and shrimps. MB and I had a small argument the night I made this so he was the only one who ate. He didn’t say anything because we were fighting. I had this for lunch the next day and was surprised how good it turned out. I texted MB saying that it was delicious and he said it really was. He also said that he was disappointed because he packed too little rice in his lunch box. He also brought some for baon that day. He was looking forward to lunch and wanted to eat a lot to make up for the previous night. He also didn’t eat well the night before. He just can’t eat well when I don’t eat with him.

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