Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Pork Chops

pork chops, 240baon

Pork chops were one of my bestsellers at Table E. I would always serve breaded pork chops back then but I personally don’t like breaded chops. I prefer them with a just a bit of crispy coating. The best pork chop meal I’ve ever had was back in high school at Manila Science. I would pair it with macaroni soup or sopas  and it was my ultimate comfort food at school. That was the only pork dish I ate back when I was a teenager.

I’ve been experimenting with different marinades and breading for the past few months and this is probably the best I’ve come up with. The problem is, I can’t remember the complete list of ingredients! I have this habit of just roughing it in the kitchen and dump whatever I find. I know this has lemon because I wanted to make a classic calamansi-soy sauce marinade but we ran out of calamansi and I didn’t want to go to the market so I fumbled around the fridge and found one decent lemon. I used that and added some soy sauce, crushed garlic, salt and pepper. I marinated the chops at lunch and cooked them for dinner. They also have a thin coat of cornstarch. Oh, my! These were delicious! I would make this again in a few weeks. I just hope I can figure out the other ingredients. I cooked 3 chops and MB immediately said that he will take one for his baon.

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