Sunday, February 10, 2013

Sotanghon with Upo

I wanted some sotanghon soup the other night and since I still had half of the upo and some leftover sotanghon and shrimps, I did just that.

sotanghon soup with upo and shrimps, 240baon

This was supposed to be soup but the sotanghon sucked all the soup dry. I didn’t bother adding more water as I forgot to buy my chicken base soup. The soup in this dish was made with water, fish sauce and Maggi Magic Sarap so I didn’t bother. It still had some leftover soup at the bottom, anyways.

I ate this with a bit of rice. MB ate it with a lot of rice. If you are a foreigner and new to this blog, it’s normal for us Filipinos to eat noodles with rice so don’t be shocked.

Grandma gave us some frying bananas last weekend so MB made some fried caramelized bananas:

fried caramelized bananas, 240baon 

It was a very filling dinner. I didn’t overeat but I felt like my tummy was about to explode! We also drank the leftover melon juice with this meal.

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