Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Sukantha Rice Crackers

sukantha rice crispies, 240baon

Mom gave this to MB as pasalubong from her trip to Bangkok. These are Thai Jasmine Rice crackers that have cashews on top.

sukantha thai jasmine rice crackers, 240baon

Let’s just say that the taste takes a lot of getting used to especially if you don’t like Thai food. It’s sweet and salty and a bit spicy. For me, I’d say I like it 70%. I only ate one as it was spicy and it was early in the morning when I tasted it. I didn’t want my GERD to flare up. I will eat this again and I’m pretty sure that I’m gonna like it.

I like the combination of rice and cashews and sesame seeds. They are quite generous with the cashews too. It’s crunchy and a bit chewy at the same time. I’m not sure if MB will like this though. He likes Thai food but I think his taste buds will be shocked when he eats this.

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