Sunday, April 14, 2013


tong garden honey almonds, 240baon

Nuts are always good in my book. This is from Thailand but we have it here at our local groceries.

pimped up cranberry juice, 240baon

Pimped up cranberry juice spiked with lemon, ice cubes and Perrier and blitzed in my blender. It was so good that I forgot to take a photo until the last few gulps.

magnum chocolate brownie, 240baon

I’m not a fan of Magnum but this one I really like.

japanese mixed nuts, 240baon

Japanese mixed nuts… need I say more?

chinese coin-shaped cookies, bitsandtreats

Chinese coin biscuits. Perfect when my tummy rumbles.

timtam wafer, 240baon

So good and so bitin!

selecta chocolate chip ice cream, 240baon

Selecta Chocolate Chip – my husband and I can finish this tub in one sitting!

mcdo pancake stuff, 240baon

Not really a snack but one of my favorite breakfast fares. I like how McDonald’s packs their supplies for delivery. Way better than before.

I miss cooking and assembling bentos. I promise to go crazy cooking once my health is better.

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