Wednesday, June 19, 2013

S&R Goodies

My family went shopping at S&R last week. Mom got me these goodies:

chewy chips ahoy, 240baon

My doctor recently told me to stop eating sweets so I only had 2 cookies. MB is enjoying this.

pepero, 240baon

I haven’t opened this yet.

s and r baby back ribs, 240baon

I’ve been wanting to taste S&R’s baby back ribs for the longest time but I always didn’t have the budget for it. Mom finally bought one. It’s too sweet for me. I still prefer their roasted chicken which Mom also bought. I didn’t bother taking a photo anymore as I’m sure most of you are already familiar with it.

I miss shopping at S&R. I hope I can go there soon. My house arrest has been lifted but my husband only allows me to go to the nearest malls that’s why I can’t go to the BGC area.

*Please excuse the photo quality as these were taken using my phone.

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