I’m still not allowed to do chores and that includes cooking so MB is still in charge of meals. We had these last Saturday:


The boneless dilis are from Isabela which my sister and cousin C brought home as pasalubong. They were delicious! I wonder where I can find them here.


This is chicken adobo and it’s a new recipe. It’s better than mine. It was really good! I also love the addition of potatoes.

I’m itching to go back to cooking soon but until then, I’m quite happy with my husband’s cooking!
This post is long overdue. Whenever we are at MMC, we usually go to Pancake House to eat lunch. MB and I had these sandwiches on one of our trips there:


MB had a grilled cheese sandwich. I took a bite and it was delicious but it was also very greasy because of the butter. I already forgot what the sides are but I’m pretty sure there’s potato salad and a few slices of veggies which MB put inside the sandwich.


I had the tuna sandwich. I didn’t care for the potato salad. I did put the pickle and tomato in the sandwich though. This is delicious and I always get this whenever I want a light lunch.


About 2 Saturdays ago, MB went to 7-11 and of course I had to have my Magnum fix. I saw this flavor at Landmark Supermarket back when I was still pregnant. I was not allowed to eat chocolate and sweets so I had to wait. This is delicious as well but I think the chocolate overpowers the strawberry. It needs more sour notes to it. Well, that’s just me but you can really taste the strawberry flavor. Unfortunately, I wouldn’t eat this again. I still like the Brownie flavor better.
I am really my mother’s daughter. I have an obsession with fun packaging. She does as well especially if it’s a tin can. She bought Krispy Kreme donuts just so she can get this:


A few days ago, she went to the supermarket and went home with this:


I’ve seen this before and I wanted to buy it but I have too many stuff and I don’t want this to end up as clutter. I’m happy that she bought it for herself.

What’s inside?


How cute is that? Love these M&M pillows! We prefer M&M peanuts over the plain ones. We just think the plain ones are too sweet. At least the peanuts cut some of that sweetness. I really want to grab some for myself but I’m breastfeeding and I’m not allowed to eat chocolates and peanuts.

She got this on another day:


I have the cow version of this coin bank. I think I featured it here some time ago. This has jelly inside. She gave the jelly to cousin C. The next day, she bought cousin C the duck version of this.

How about you guys, do you buy stuff just because of the cute packaging?
I loved the food at MMC. Notice the past tense. Back when I was a teenager, I would always be confined there and I would always look forward to meal times. They broke the stereotype of hospital foods and served their patients with gourmet looking and tasting meals. I would finish everything on my tray from soup to dessert. I guess it helped me to recover.

Well, that’s no longer the case now. I was put on a soft diet then a high fiber diet when I gave birth and this is what I had:


This is supposed to be chicken barbecue but it was bland and tasted terrible. Those white strips are ubod. They were tolerable.That white mush is exactly that – rice boiled in water and left to be mushy. It didn’t have any taste whatsoever that’s why they put a packet of salt in the tray. I didn’t care much about the soup. It was supposed to be tinola but it had sweet corn and shreds of ginger in it. My taste buds were confused.  The only thing I truly liked were the melon slices.


This other tray still had the white mush. The soup was supposed to be a beef soup, like the ones they give you at Korean fast food restos with your order. The beef was supposed to be Korean Beef Stew. It was okay. I finished the bowl. That, smack center in the plate are just strips of carrots. This plate looked pathetic. I finished those as well. Dessert was melons again.

Prices at MMC have skyrocketed in the past few years. I wish they would do something about their food. I already mentioned this in my customer survey card so I hope they’ll take notice.
I love snacking at Red Mango while my husband loves Starbucks. When I got pregnant, I refused to eat anything from Starbucks.I just threw up every time we would eat there so my husband was so happy when I finally agreed to go with him. I ordered something safe:


This is corned beef pandesal which I always enjoy. This juice is delicious but it’s overpriced at Starbucks at Php115.

At Red Mango, we got:


Blueberries and granola crunch
Good ole chocolate chips for MB
Love the water bottle that is similar to Watsons only the top is red

They now also serve sandwiches. I think this is Asian Chicken BBQ. I’m sorry I can’t remember but it was good. Not great but I like it. This is good for sharing although my husband didn’t care for it so much so I ended up eating the whole thing. It’s a bit messy to eat though.

I’m wondering why they have The Landmark utensils at Red Mango: