Sunday, July 7, 2013

Fun Snacks

I am really my mother’s daughter. I have an obsession with fun packaging. She does as well especially if it’s a tin can. She bought Krispy Kreme donuts just so she can get this:


A few days ago, she went to the supermarket and went home with this:


I’ve seen this before and I wanted to buy it but I have too many stuff and I don’t want this to end up as clutter. I’m happy that she bought it for herself.

What’s inside?


How cute is that? Love these M&M pillows! We prefer M&M peanuts over the plain ones. We just think the plain ones are too sweet. At least the peanuts cut some of that sweetness. I really want to grab some for myself but I’m breastfeeding and I’m not allowed to eat chocolates and peanuts.

She got this on another day:


I have the cow version of this coin bank. I think I featured it here some time ago. This has jelly inside. She gave the jelly to cousin C. The next day, she bought cousin C the duck version of this.

How about you guys, do you buy stuff just because of the cute packaging?

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